RCH BUILDERS Three Decades In The Making:

BARRIE, ONTARIO – It’s hard to challenge success.

What started out as just a vision of how things should be, turned into what became a passionate pursuit in the commercial, retail and hospitality construction industries.

Impressive achievements racked up by the RCH BUILDERS management over the last 30 years, clearly have enhanced their building expertise and fostered in-house innovations for the successful commercial contractor.

They have recently taken project management in-house, a strategic move to allow them to work closer with their clientele. The move was in direct response to client requests. The change allowed the company to maintain the meticulous standards of quality they had built their reputation on. But perhaps more importantly, it meant that during a period of skyrocketing cost escalations, especially in the construction market, RCH BUILDERS‘ fixed costs made them one of the few commercial contactors who could guarantee the final price.

Their outstanding workforce, joined by their local subcontractors and outstanding suppliers of quality products, collectively contributes to their curbside appeal and positive project impact.

It is this same united spirit within their expanding RCH BUILDERS’ family that continues to deliver exceptional commercial building renovations and tenant build outs to satisfied clients.

They take considerable pride in paying their subs on time, all the time…and their trades respect them for that.  They believe they work harder, with greater care and passion because they know that RCH truly values their support.

About RCH Builders:  RCH Builders Limited is a commercial contractor offering full service construction management and general contracting. We exclusively service the hotel/resort, commercial, retail and professional office industries. Simply said, we specialize in renovation and construction services for the business and commercial sectors.

With over 20 years of experience as a commercial contractor, we have the capability to translate our industry knowledge into client-centered services that exceeds owners’ expectations.

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