RCH BUILDERS Head-Office Is Moving To A New Location

BARRIE, ONTARIO – RCH Builders Ontario Canada will be moving its head-office to a new location in Barrie’s office district in late 2015. The new home will foster an interactive work environment and will allow for future growth of the company as it moves forward with its current partnerships. Renovations to the new space are scheduled to begin mid-summer, with a early fall 2015 move-in date.

The selection of this new location as head-office is not only because it is an exciting and energetic area of the city, but also because its central Ontario location allows quick access to all of RCH Builders project sites.  Being very focused on employee wellness and work-life balance, this location offers the best amenities, has easy access to public transportation, and is very conducive for employee and client collaboration.

To complement the existing building and surroundings, the office was envisioned as a loft-like space with small programmatic volumes for a flexible and open design with minimal visual obstructions.  An undulating ceiling ties together the blocks and accentuates the entry and open collaboration areas.  It will feature a multi-functional hub adjacent to an exterior terrace that will allow for industry gatherings and employee interaction.

About RCH Builders:  RCH Builders Limited is a commercial contractor offering full service construction management and general contracting. We exclusively service the hotel/resort, commercial, retail and professional office industries. Simply said, we specialize in renovation and construction services for the business and commercial sectors.

With over 20 years of experience as a commercial contractor, we have the capability to translate our industry knowledge into client-centered services that exceeds owners’ expectations.

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