Retail Re-Branding & Developments Appears Simple....The Reality is Far More Complex

RCH Builders' excels at retail construction because every member of our team scrutinizes each detail of a project to ensure a building is delivered exactly as specified—on time and on budget every time.

Office / Retail Renovations & Tenant Build-Outs

We build new properties and conducted tenant build-outs for clients across the province. Our systems ensure transparency and careful monitoring of budgets and schedules.

Hotel / Resort Renovations & ReBranding

At RCH Builders, we realize that down-time, noise or guest up-set cost money. Our specialized systems maximize project efficiency and reduce facility disruption.

Retail & Commercial

At RCH Builders, we strive to provide our customers with quality commercial construction services and expert project management.

Office Build-Outs

Our attention to detail is what separates us from our competition as we are on time, reliable, efficient and deliver the job to budget.

Hotel / Resort

Comprehensive services to clients in every aspect of hotel renovation is why our clients refer us. Focusing on schedules and delivery of an excellent product, while taking extra care to keep noise levels low, construction equipment out of sight and levels of communication high.
RCH Builders Limited - Proudly Serving the Retail, Commercial & Hotel Industries.